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Buddy Blevins, born and raised in Chilhowie Va. to local clock maker, Virgil Blevins, who speciaized in grandfather clocks. Buddy's inpiration to become a luthier stems from many years of spending time in his fathers shop. He studied engineering and architechual auto cad desgn at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, Va.
Buddy's love for wood crafting really began to take hold after spending time watching his uncle Stanley Brooks, a North Carolina banjo maker., and thats when Buddy built his first instrument, a mandolin. He had had the priveledge to meet with Roger Siminoff, and secured a blueprint of the loar mandolin, of which he designed his after. Buddy then decided to branch out and make other instruments, the banjo, fiddle, bass, and guitar.

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In 2010, Buddy awarded a junior apprenticeship to Adam McPeak, the son of Mike McPeak of the McPeak Brothers, from Wytheville, Va. Adam had the honor of beginning his first project, a fiddle, which he has completed. He plans on building his first mandolin in the summer of 2012.  Adam plays the first in a series of "The Blevins" mandolin.  Adam now is a full endorsee of Blevins Mandolins.